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Business consulting - Professionisti AssociatiTo analyze the advantages is useful to elaborate plans.
To analyze the disadvantages is useful to avoid damages.
Sun Tzu, the art of war.


P. & A. - Professionisti Associati accompanies the Businessman giving him the more suitable solutions for its business development. Many companies, often, have common problems, but neverthelessthe juridic or economic instruments which can be used for their resolution must be chosen with care, in agreement with the management and adapted to the single facts. P. & A. - Professionisti Associati contemplates the mission of finding the right solution for any specific problem of every single client.

Passion and expertise are at the base on which our success stands. Our passion shared with Businessmen and our expertise dedicated to businessmen.

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Legal consulting - Professionisti AssociatiWE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE BEST SOLUTIONS

P. & A. - Professionisti Associati accompanies its clients covering all the business areas, among which the fiscal area, corporate area, financial area etc. By acting in an internationl context, our firm is able to follow businessman and his business even abroad. P. & A. - Professionisti Associati helps the company which want to develop its activity abroad whether if it wants to invest abroad but remaining in Italy, whether if it prefers to move abroad by opening new bases or to constitute a new business.

Even by a legal point of view, the company is helped in its italian or european legal problems resolution. Our lawyer practice as well as in Italy but also in Switzerland, Spain and France.

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