About us

P. & A. - Professionisti Associati is an Association among Professionals (Chartered accountants, Lawyers, Auditors and Employment Consultants) specialized in helping companies in all their business steps. More precisely, the Association boasts, among its associates, different experts in corporate, tributary, review, funding, employment law and legal field.

P. & A. - Professionisti Associati is a young reality, constituted in 2011 by Professionals that have a multi-year experience in Professional Firms and in Review Society.

Our firm acts in a national and international context and it is able to help the client in all ordinary and extraordinary business management operations.

The Professionals of P. & A. are admitted to practice their profession of Chartered accountant and Lawyer, as well as in Italy or abroad, especially in Spain and in Switzerland.

In Italy, our Firm is present in Palermo and Milano. Our firm is also present in Spain, with a base in Madrid.

Our firm, in collaboration with the "A.N.P.A.R. - Associazione Nazionale per l'Arbitrato & la Conciliazione" Institute, can also act as arbitration office in resolving corporate and condominium litigations, road accident, professional responsability according to the provsions of D.Lgs. del 4/3/2010 n. 28.