Consulting, assistance and tax disputes

Our firm Professionals (Lawers and Chartered accountants) help and care for tax disputes since the access to the company by the financial administrative officials and/or by the Financial Guard officials, till the tributary argument (in all its process steps). More precisely the following activities are carried out:

  • drafting of tributary advice relating both to fiscal topic linked to the company ordinary conduction and extraordinary operations, national or international;
  • assistance in company operations decision, in order to optimize fiscal impact;
  • preparation of income tax return or assistance to clients who prepare it by themselves;
  • national and international fiscal planning;
  • tax audit;
  • management of refund paperworks with Financial Offices;
  • assistance to foreign clients in the nomination of representatives for tributary relations or VAT representatives;
  • management of attaintments depending on tributary representatives or on VAT representatives;
  • tributary assistance both in pre-argument through the drafting of motivated advices; auto-protection instances, ordinary consulting and disapplication of anti-elusive law, adhesion verification, judicial conciliation both in argument phase and in all process steps.