Extrajudicial Conciliation

Our firm offers assistance and consulting in extrajudicial conciliation (D. Lgs. 4 marzo 2010 n. 28) in order to the resolution of controversies risen in the different sectors estimated by the law.

Before proceeding to a civil trial in court an attempt at mediation is required, according to the provisions of the Law no: 28 of 4/3/2010, or the proceedings will be deemed inadmissible. The subjects for which a mediation is required are referred to: condominium, real rights, division, hereditary successions, family agreements, loan, company rental, damages deriving from medical liability and libel deriving from press or other means of publicity, bank, financial and insurance contracts. However, the mediation can be voluntarilyexperienced in all subjects at the request of the parties or by invitation of a judge, if this one, during the trial, considers possible to find an agreement between the parties.